P.Act. Paranormal

P.Act. Paranormal is an investigative team based in

 Graham County, NC. The team is led by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, backed by a group of dedicated individuals.  This team is on a mission to find answers regarding all things paranormal, while helping others along the way.  The team serves the Western North Carolina region and is a proud member of the PAST family!  Services offered from this team include: confidential investigations, removal sessions , and support for anyone experiencing what they believe to be "paranormal."


              P.Act.'s podcast with Horrific Network! Check it out!                     http://horrificpodcast.podomatic.com/entry/2015-02-06T07_08_45-08_00

P.Act. will be starting their very own book in 2016, with a

 paranormal tell-all! This, among other projects are 

underway, which are TBA!!!

Check out the book "Ghosts, Demons, and Dolls" by Erica 

Gammon, now available on Amazon.  P.Act. has stories

featured in this book, and the 

upcoming Vol. 2!

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Our Location...

This team serves the Western North Carolina Region!

               This Duo is proud members of LIVEPARANORMAL.COM, click on the logo below to check it out:    

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