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P.Act. Paranormal is an investigative team based in Graham County, NC (see map below). The team is led by a dynamic mother-daughter duo, backed by a group of dedicated individuals, on a mission to prove the existence of the spirit world.  We serve the Western North Carolina region, and are willing to travel with proper notice, if the need arises.  We offer confidential investigations, ghostly adventures, and support for anyone experiencing what they believe to be "paranormal."


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P.Act. is currently working on a show pilot, if you

 would like to submit a haunted location to be considered for

 filming, send us the information using our "Contact Us" page.

  (If selected, a signed press release will be required.)

Graham County Ghost Adventures is up and running!  Join us

 on  a Ghost Walk, Listen and share stories at the bonfire,  or

 join us for a Tag- Along investigation! More info can be 

found on the "Ghost Adventures" page!

Make your reservations now!  Our Fireside ghost story 

adventure will include an Echovox Session during the month

 of October!

Our YouTube Channel is started, we will be posting atleast

 one video per week from here on out! Check it out, and 

subscribe to join us on our paranormal journey!

Our Location...

Visiting Nearby? Join us on a Ghostly Adventure!

 We are proud members of liveparanormal.com,  check out their site with the following link:                            http://www.liveparanormal.com

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